New APWU 'Fillable' Grievance Forms

Download these forms to a folder on your hard drive. Save each form as a Template to allow you to use it again. You can pre-fill part of the form in advance. 

Grievance Worksheet (Step 1)

Grievance Outline worksheet (Step 2)
Grievance Outline worksheet (Step 3)
Appeal To Attribution From Step 2
Appeal To Joint Safety Committee Form
Grievance or wittness Statement Form
Request for information Form
APWU ADRP Appeal Form 


The union has posted FMLA forms for use by healthcare providers to certify serious illnesses of APWU members and their family members. In accordance with an April 18, 2012, arbitration award, these forms are accepted by the USPS.
Certification by a Health Care Provider for the Employee’s Own Serious Illness | (Form 1)
Certification by a Health Care Provider for a Family Member’s serious Illness | (Form 2)
Certification by Employee of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave | (Form 3)
Certification by a Service Member’s Health Care Provider for Caregiver Military Family Leave | (Form 4)

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